Master Influence Coach Reveals One Skill Professional Women Must Develop To Have Influence
The Life You Want, The Love You Want, The Happiness You Want, Is One Conversation Away...
The Time Value Of Influence
We've all been told some women are just born with the "it" factor. Some people just have that Hollywood, Instagram influencer thing going on. 

That's not what we mean by influence, we are talking about mastering tangible communication skills that improves your internal dialogue, which improves your life personally and professionally.

The media tries to tell you in a million different ways what it takes to be an influential woman, and we all know its not true...

So let me be the first person (maybe) to tell you... 
It is possible to have a LIFE SHIFT and become an influential woman.
It can be easier to master your communication over a SHORT period of time than it is to master your communication over a LONG period of time.
You only need the right tool...
Let me prove it to you...
In 1971, an article in The Scientific American measured the speed of a man vs different fast land animals.

In the race, humans came in last. ALL of the animals blew the human off the list. That didn't look very good for humans. So someone at The Scientific American had the ingenuity to test a human riding a bicycle racing the other animals. And suddenly, the human began to beat some of the animals. Then they tested a human driving a car, and suddenly the human was faster than all the animals.

What does this prove?

Human beings are tool builders, created by the Divine, and leverage is one of his greatest tools.

What is the point then?
That we can always make up for in leverage what we lack in ability.
And mastering communication provides leverage for your personal, work, and love life making it like riding a bicycle, while those without leverage are running on foot.
A coach provides even more leverage for mastering your communication in a SHORT period of time, making having one like having a car for your personal, work and love life against those without a coach and on a bike, or without the ability to master communication running on foot...
A  coach is like having a jet for mastering your communication so that you can increase your influence quickly and increase your leverage for life.
If you're ready to spend less time working on a life you hate and a job you despise, while seeing a LIFE SHIFT in your work and personal life - you must maximize your influence potential.
And you don't need a guru or a million "how to's"...
You just need, the right "who".
In order to achieve a LIFE SHIFT allowing you to create the life you desire you need to invest in a coach that will replace your learning curve AND  fit your learning speed and style.
That is the magic of adding a coach to your life. You become established faster, you begin to tap your influence potential as you master certain communication skills, and time that would've been spent researching is spent refining results instead.

Sherri Goodall
Creative Digital Strategist
"Claudette is an AMAZING coach! As I was planning to step into entrepreneurship, Coach Claudette helped me sort through my internal conversations to feel confident. I was able to boldly step away from an employer of over 13 years to start my own marketing agency. I would recommend Claudette to anyone--especially women--looking to step into their own power and increase their influence."
If you think you're not extrovert enough, you can still achieve influence by mastering your communication as an introvert...
We all are just one conversation away from the moment that could influence and change our lives. It's a tragedy most will never attain the skills to change their lives. What causes some people to arrive sooner rather than later? It's all the little unknown unknowns - the things we didn't know we needed to know.
The question is, are you willing to take advantage of all you do know?
The problem is most of us do want a LIFE SHIFT but don't know where to find a coach on our level, that meets on our learning curve or teach us at our own pace. As a coach, I find your level, and take the bandwith weight off your shoulders. This frees up time and energy for you to work on strategies for captivating your markets hearts and minds.
If you are interested, here are your next steps...
When you book a FREE 15 minute conversation, this is how it will work:
  •   We'll get to know a bit about you, and your background.
  •  We'll talk about how we can help you achieve a LIFE SHIFT as soon as possible.
  •  We discuss how we can help you find and implement right communication skills to instantly become influential in your world.
There is a catch and here it is because of the number of jobs and I'm just one person, I've only got 5 positions coming up...

You might see more spots on the schedule after we hit 5, but as soon as we hit five I’m gonna close it down…

That's how many I have time and resources for...

Meaning since you and others are getting me, one coach, the issue is I can only work with so many people every 90 days.

If one more sneaks through fine, but this is only right for the type of woman I believe I can help get results right out of the gate based on the results my clients have gotten in the past. 

If you think that might be you can click the link below to schedule our call together and find out.
Anthony Golden
Consultant / Funnel Builder
If you just want a quote, or are looking to get a valuable asset for little cost, forget it.  
We're not the right fit for each other. 
 Your ability to master communication skills will determine your level of influence. There are eight different communication skills that must be mastered. At least four of those eight must be mastered before you can be expected to see results in your life, personally and professionally.

Through self teaching, each skill would take about a year for you to become proficient. It would take about 7 years and thousands of dollars to learn it all. 

So you could figure out how to do everything, or you could figure out who knows this, and who can teach it to you. 

That is leverage.
People who think it's hard to achieve LIFE SHIFTS and become an influencer are simply not using leverage. The leverage gained by having a guide on your journey to influencer makes that LIFE SHIFT a whole lot easier.
When you work hard on your communication skills yourself, it may feel fulfilling, but you will need to invest a lot of time, energy and money to learn all you need to know.

As you work hard on your communication skills yourself, and replace your learning curve and begin using leverage you will begin seeing the time value of influence play out right in front of you.
This is why when we work together, you immediately see it's easier to achieve a LIFE SHIFT and become an influencer in a shorter period of time.

This happens because you now have a coach that frees you up to focus on being the captain of your life ship, not the crew. You now have a coach that guides you  through every step of the influence and communication process.
This Is The Big Idea Behind You Becoming An Influencer In Your Personal And Work Life...
So if you want to increase your influence, if you want to experience a life shift so you can become a great communicator and make a massive impact...remember...
It Just Takes One Conversation…
Master N.L.P Practitioner
Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
Master Weight Loss Coach
Life Coach
Motivational Coach
So... after everything you've seen, 
if you are interested in your LIFE SHIFT then:

Here's What You Want To Do Next:
When you click the 'Become Influential ' button, you will find a link to the 'Initial Conversation' calendar to see how we will execute a game plan for you to unleash your influence.  

We'll talk about your level of influence and whether or not we can craft a LIFE SHIFT for you depending on where you're at and what you're looking for and remember...
You will want to schedule your call immediately as the spots fill up quickly.
ABOUT Claudette Gadsden
Claudette Gadsden, the Influence Coach and CEO of Coach Claudette and Associates, is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner certified as a Life Coach, Motivational Coach and Workshop Instructor. 
She has worked with professional women and their daughters for years and published two journals to help in building better influence and communication. 

In addition to the focus on professional women and their daughters, Coach Claudette guides clients to live their dreams by increasing their influence. 

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